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An overview of the PRODUCTS that we offer:

  • Grinding Machines and hand grinders, wheels, disks and cutting wheels.
  • Mig Wire in 1#, 2#, 10#, 30#, and 44# spools.
  • Stick electrodes by the #, 5#, 10#, 50# boxes.
  • Leather aprons, sleeves, jackets, chaps, leggens, and shoe protectors.
  • Auto-Darkening Helmets. Std Welding helmets along with filters and cover plates.
  • Chipping hammers, needle scalers, mig tip cleaners and the tip pliers.
  • Oxy Acet. tip cleaners, tips, hoses, strikers, and flints.
  • Oxy Propane tips (2 piece). T Hoses.
  • Oxy Acet. Gauges lg. & small., Regulators lg. & small., back flow valves, Y's,and quick disconnects.
  • Mig regulators and flow meters.
  • Chemicals: weld thru zinc primer, Por 15 Marine Clean, Weld Anti-Spatter jell, and Metal Ready.



We do NOT compete with the cheaper off-shore types of businesses located in the near-by big cities.

Do NOT call us seaking to compete with those prices! We are a different type of company.

True a lot of everyone's products come from or are manufactured all over the world. We strive to handle a little better quality product. China produces about 4 or 5 different levels of quality products. $ for them vary according to the volumes of imported goods as well as the mfg. contracts that are supposedly held with them. If U.S. fails to meet this amount specified in the contract then they are bad about flooding or selling these products on the open market. They do this as they have invested tooling time and money. Low grade manufacturing quality and cheaper bearings will cause many of those knock-offs to fail prematurely. A lot of people say "Their cheap so just throw it away"! Many are throw-away tools which flood our landfills. (This only our opinion baised on observation and in dealings of a lifetime). I believe if you stop and think or reasearch this out you will agree.

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